Roy Kessels, PhD
Professor of Neuropsychology & Clinical Neuropsychologist

Clinically, I am working at the department of Medical Psychology. This department is involved in the care of patients at the various clinics of the Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre. The Medical Psychology unit at the memory clinic of the department of geriatrics and the department of neurology consists of several neuropsychologists. Main focus are the assessment and treatment of cognitive disorders that can occur in later life, such as Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI), vasculair cognitive impairment or dementia. Furthermore, older patients with complex medical and cognitive problems may be referred to the geriatrics unit. The clinical neuropsychologists participate in the memory clinic, the diagnostic day clinic, the outpatient clinic and the cognitive assessment of clinical patients. Finally, group treatment is offered for patients with MCI and their carers with an emphasis on strategy learning, psychoeducation, and coping. Furthermore, there is a strong emphasis on scientific research, in collaboration with the Alzheimer Centre Nijmegen.

The medical psychology unit at the geriatrics and neurology departments offers the possibility of a clinical internship or a research internship (thesis research) as part of a master program in Health-care Psychology, (Clinical) Neuropsychology, Gerontology, Cognitive Neuroscience or similar topics. For more information about these internships, please contact me.

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